The Past, The present & The future

The Past, The present & The future

Jellybelly Customs was set up by me in 2016 as a simple Instagram account to show people what I was up to and making when I had to the chance to do. In the short space of a year it was time to get a website as dealing with messages was getting tiresome was registered early 2017 so people could buy the consoles and parts that I made, the original website was a royal pain in the ass working on the opencart software that my good friend juan from helps me with a huge amount, however it was a royal pain in the ass but myself and juan ventured on patching it and getting it to work as best my limited IT skills would allow luckly he had far better skills that me.

Somewhere at end of 2018, beginning of 2019 I got a little lost to the direction of JBC and why I started doing this in the first place. I spent a huge amount and put a lot on the line to get a UV printer every modders dream at the time, but the dream really didn't pan out. I spent my evenings printing designs for others, printed on glass upon glass for every console i could to pay for the cost of the printer. So i bought a printer and did hardly anything for myself. It sucked, i was not enjoying it, it was a huge stress! Thats not what i wanted in the first place.

so i put it up for sale and took a huge hit on it. Why i hear you ask?! to be happy and do what i enjoy

End of 2019 a new "better" website running on the popular EKM uk system to allow you to buy some of the things I make, and a clear path and vision on what I want to do.

Then like a complete kick in the face Covid19 hit...... and boy did it turn things upside down. Not only did the infection spike hit every country around the world, so did the spike in people sat around at home with little to do. Sales went up, the collecting scene went sky high and i was flat out making things mainly buttons for people building there own consoles. That spike ran from March 2020 till August 2021

Which finds us here Jan 2022....! A new year, a new me, lets do this!!


Early Jan 2022 I received a lovely email from a popular candy company's attorney that wanted me to change my name, to give up my domain and completely rebrand. So like any small business owner with not enough money to seek an attorney to help navigate the grey an rocky roads of trademarks. I bent over, took it like a man and agreed to rebrand. 

So here we are the Lab Fifteen Company was born.

Why Lab Fifteen?

Well myself and my good pen pal friend Dustin always called my workshop "the Lab" because of what i do in here, making, creating and mixing resins.

Fifteen simply because my house number is 15

Company is because in the UK I'm an official limited company so why not.

What does the future hold? I've no idea!

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