Returns, Refund & Warranty



90% of stuff is a no issue no charge refund policy for faulty or damaged good


A £8 charge is made for consoles where "I've change my mind" or " I bought it but now i need the money" requests. The reason for this charge is the cost I incur to take your payment that i do not get back when i refund you because you've had a change of heart.



I get asked a lot about warranties and returns.

So here's the thing with Returns:

You have 14 days from receipt of the order to decide if you would like to return it. The return shipping is not free, its down to you to cover this, but drop us a message if this is the case as we might be able to come to a gentleman's agreement



So here's the thing with Warrenty:

All our Parts really aren't covered by a warranty as such. Sorry about that.

However electrical parts like our VR++ modules are covered for 3 months from receipt of order.

Console are covered. A  6-9 months is a reasonable timescale for a warranty on a console and the parts within it. Remember these consoles are almost as old as I am so things inside can go wrong. However please get in touch if there is an issue with the console and I will always do my best to repair or exchange parts to get things working again.

I do however ask that if you receive a console that you check it out and play the thing before you put it on the shelf. This is to check that everything is working as you would like it to be