Lab Fifteens 2022 Roundup!

Lab Fifteens 2022 Roundup!


Well 2022 i'd like to say its been a great one but its been a tough one really, I shouldn't be to hard on it really it could have been a lot worse.

January was a a tricky one to start off with, it was the month where Jellybelly Custom became Lab Fifteen co. Why was this?

Well early that month, in fact I'm sure it was the first week in January I got a lovely email from the trade mark lawers of a certain candy company. Wanting me to change my name and give up the website domain. This was a right kick in the balls in all honesty. But hey, its either I put up and crack on or I attempt to dispute it. I decided to get on with things

With the help of my awesome followers they helped design a logo in a bit of a contest on the social channels, a whole new website on the Shopify platform was made and the old domain was not renewed. We move on!

This year I also decided to focus more on resin, making buttons and my casting skills in general. Which I really am loving! and I hope your enjoying the results?

The tricky things with being a parts supplier is space, time and your also competing with some pretty big boys. Not only that your also competing with Ali Express. Which is a pointless task! So resin products was the better path to go down I thought

Until resin became really hard to get, suppliers in the UK were struggling to keep stock due to shortages for several reasons. The fact the UK in no longer in Europe, meaning shipping chemicals across borders is now harder. Some mad guy decided he wanted to play real life armies with a neighbouring country. That certain hasn't helped and also the raw material shortages issues because on the various china shutdowns during covid. Nightmare to say the least! but we just about managed to get by.

This summer was plagued with saddness of the passing of my good friend Dustin Hamilton, lots of people knew him in the community, lots would have never knowing crossed paths with him or his work somehow. He will be remember, certainly by me as a good friend. Missed daily

In good news!

I'm pleased to have welcomed some new suppliers on board in the form of Retromodding (North America) and also Zedlabz (UK and Europe) and not forgetting existing US supplier Retro Gaming Repair Store in the US also stocks the full range of buttons I currently make, and will be making in the future.

This winter period via the website I'm please to have been taking donations to two local charity's.

One is the local community centre that has a Christmas Toy appeal taking toy donations and giving them to children who's family cannot afford Christmas gifts this year. We raised via donations £44 so I doubled that to £98 approx. Took a boot load of toys to them so lets hope the kiddo's enjoyed them

The other is Coalville Food Bank

The donations to this will be on going thought out the year and we will be doing monthly food hauls or monetary donations to them (whichever they would prefer). To help people who are struggling to feed themselves and families with the current cost of living crisis

Its been a busy year really, ups, down and all the things in the middle. 



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