Shipping FAQ:
  • Do we ship to "xxxxx"?
  • Yes, we ship worldwide and postage is calculated on the website. If it doesn't work it out then unfortunately the UK postal service doesn't deliver there
  • Do we have a cheaper method of shipping aboard?
  • No, I have been scammed to many times if a parcel is sent on a cheaper service that doesn't have delivery tracking. Sorry to say but there is a system out there and lots of people play it so im just covering all my bases.
  • How long does it take before you ship my order?
  • I ship 2 times a week a Monday or Tuesday and a Thursday or Friday, I know this is slow by today's Amazon standards. However I don't have a Prime service for £8.99 a month and it is just me running the show so please be patient with me
  • How long will my parcel take to get to me?
  • All services are tracked, you have a tracking number so please have a look. NON UK services can take as long as they like, but generally they say between 10-20 days ish


  • Do I have to pay Taxes in my country?
  • You know your country better than I do so ask around. I mark everything at a full purchase value so if this incur tax charges within your country then this is on you, not me. 
  • UK and Europe are no longer a free trade like it had been in the past. You will not have to pay VAT & Duties on the website. So you will have to pay this in your country. Sorry blame the people that voted to leave the EU

DHL Remote Service Charges:

DHL are my go to service for anything of value, mainly consoles. Or you can select DHL at checkout if you would like an express service. However there is sometimes a catch.

DHL have a "Remote Service" charge that i only find out about once i book your shipment, This only happen occasionally but unfortunately this is a cost that i cant keep on covering. So once i have booked your shipment i may send an email asking for you to pay the additional charge of £17.50.

Please see DHLs remote code list:

I will be unable to ship you items until the extra charge is paid

Take Note:

​​​​​​​If your parcel service has attempted delivery and left a card then please follow this up, again you have the tracking details so please check. If they try to delivery it and you do not collect it or contact them then the parcel will be returned to me. At this point if you would like your parcel shipping again then this is at your cost, if you would like a refund this will be minus the original shipping cost also.

If you live somewhere with a complicated address, or on a bounder of 2 cities, states or on a collage campus then please be clear when filling out your information, It will be your cost to reship a parcel that has been return to me for an incorrect address

Other than that, shipping normally goes alright.......