Console Shipping Timescales

What's this page for.... well it for me to keep you lot upto date on console shipping schedules.



This time is from  is from purchase date! 

Normally I will only contact if i need clarification on colours,your requirements or if there is an issue with something. Please try to be patient after your order, emails, facebook and instagram messages asking when it will ship will only slow things down and take up time


All console are ship via:

DHL on a Thursday for all international orders

Royal Mail Special Delivery for UK orders


If you receive your console and its not right or something doesn't seem right drop me a message ill always reply as quick as possible, certainly within the day and I will get it sorted for you. Either email or social media.

I do have 2 guys within the US that will look at it for you if it only something minor, however any shipping to the US or back to me is covered by me. Normally i refund some money once you've shipped it or i can have it collected by DHL.

Same applies for the UK. You return it and i will refund the cost of the postage back to you

If you alter or modify your console in anyway from what I've built I will not warranty anything at all. Sorry but people have messaged after installing a new glass or different buttons. If you have opened it then its no longer anything to do with me.


A £8 charge is made for consoles where "I've change my mind" or " I bought it but now i need the money" requests.

The reason for this charge is the cost I incur to take your payment that i do not get back when i refund you because you've had a change of heart.

Please consider your console before purchase, and don't buy when your drunk or without you partners approval