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Game Boy Pocket - Display Capsule

Game Boy Pocket - Display Capsule

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So you’ve finally found that piece for your collection, or you built your dream modded console, and now you want to take good care of it… but also display it at the same time… check out these acrylic display capsules!

These are professionally made crystal clear acrylic display capsules, perfectly sized for securely housing and protecting your console while also being on display for you and others to see in your collection.

These help keep your prized consoles clean and dust free is whilst on display. Being acrylic they can scratch your console frequently taking your console in and out; I would recommend using these on the consoles you want to admire but not regularly play.

The capsules stand vertically with a sliding door along the bottom for console access, so while they are of course on display, you don't have to take major steps to get it out and play, either.

Multiple sizes available: Original Game Boy “DMG”, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance including SP, Game Boy Pocket, Sega Game Gear.

Note: Consoles not included in display capsule purchase. Due to the nature of acrylic there is a slight odor which will dissipate with time and does not effect the console.

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