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Sega Game Gear - Parts - Capacitor kit VA1 & VA2

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Sega Game Gear Capacitor Kit
This Kit is for repairing VA2-Twin and VA1-Single pcbs. These are the most common found out there in Europe, US and Japan
This will help with dim screens or bad viewing angle. It will not fix every GameGear out there as there are no guarantees that the capacitors are the issue, however it is the logical place to start
  • 4x 100uf -6.3v 
  • 4x 10uf - 16v  (replaces 6.3v version) 
  • 2x 47uf - 16v (replaces 4v version) 
  • 2x 0.47uf - 50v 
  • 1x 100uf - 6.3v (replaces 4v version) 
  • 1x 68uf - -6.3v 
  • 1x 33uf - 6.3v 
  • 1x 22uf - 6.3v 
  • 1x 4.7uf 35v 
  • 1x 22uf - 35v (Power Board) 
  • 1x 100uf - 25v (Power Board) 
  • 1x 820uf - 6.3v (Power Board) 

There are plenty of YouTube guides out there on how to do it here ours Repair Guide
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