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GameCube - Custom Button - Midnight Opal

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Custom-cast buttons for the Nintendo GameCube

Hot damn this has been a fun project and learning curve. Been a while since I did something different, so I hope you like them

Buttons are hand-cast in handmade molds, in small batches to ensure functionality. 

All buttons are cast from originals or the new switch smash bro controller. However, some modifications have been made to make them easier and more effective to cast from. Dimensionally however they are correct to the originals

Sticks do not have a rubberized coating on them, they are just resin. Rubber is something I'm currently working towards.

Sold in sets:

Set 1 = A - B - X - Y - Start - Dpad

Set 2 = Set 1 + Z

Set 3 = Set 2 + Sticks

Set 4 = Set 3 + Plug Cover

Sticks Only

The process -A clear or colored resin cap is poured and partially cured. Then a special effects layer is added, partially cured and then the buttons are backfilled with colored or clear resin. Molds are then cured for 24 hours before the buttons are removed. All residue and any flashing are removed by hand and inspected for quality.

Whilst every effort has been made to remove flaws and checked for defects there is a possibility that some defects may exist. If you are unhappy with your product please drop us an email.

As this product is made in small batches, by hand, coloration and special effects may slightly vary from the product image shown.


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