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Tools - 30AWG PVC Single Core Wire

Tools - 30AWG PVC Single Core Wire

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Single core Wire is just that, it only had one core. Its great for certain things and tight installs and also seriously neat installs. Often call "Fly Lead" or "Jumper Wire"


Core Diameter = 0.2mm
Sleeve Diameter = 0.65mm

This is sold by the linear metre, Add 1 to the basket and receive 100cm/1000mm or for the imperial people 39.5inch

Here its pros and cons:

Rigid so it can be bend and run neatly because it holds it form
Super thin for the tight install
No need to twist and tin the ends before soldering 

The sleeving shrinks back when soldered so a lower temp needed
Cant take a huge amount of current but for gameboys its fine

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